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Overblog's Team

Posted by OverBlog on November 8 2016

Dear Overbloggers,

Maybe you're asking yourself who's hiding behind the Overblog's name ? Now, it's time to introduce you the entire Overblog's team and let you see the people which work on this project ! 

For those of you who don't know, Overblog is a team of 12 people passionated by the Internet and news technologies. We're based in Toulouse, in the South-West of France. 

The Overblog's Team !

The Overblog's Team !


Front-End Developer 

Sébastien is in charge of the development, graphical integration and visual animation for the dashboard of your blogs, for your blogs and also for the Overblog's portal. He also uses his technological knowledge to improve the Overblog product in terms of using, accessibility and ergonomics. He does his best to make all the interfaces efficient on all possible browsers and devices.

  • Knowledges : development, user interface integration, adaptation responsive multi-supports, code performance.
  • What he does like : supportive bloggers, TV series, party hard, "pétanque" and the "mauresque". 
  • What he does not like : Internet Explorer browser, waiting for something and do not understand something. 

When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown in to the sea.


Front-End Developer 

He's in charge of coding bloggers interfaces. He's creating ergnonomics interfaces to make features more accessibles. He's also in charge of multi-browsers adaptation to improve user experience. 


  • Knowledges : HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.
  • What he does like : Sport, to make his quadricopter fly, to bike in Toulouse, eat 5 fruits and vegetables each day, multicolour lights
  • What he does not like : To be late, american TV series in French, tourists in car, 

You never fail until you stop trying


Lead Front-End Developer 

He creates Overblog's user interfaces to make them more ergonomic and to maintain them stable over time.

  • Knowledges : UX design, software architecture, several programing langages which can't be named !
  • What he does like : think hard, role games, badminton and pizzas. 
  • What he does not like : sleeping and lazy people, eggplants & endless updates. 

Only fools never change their minds


(Awesome) Back-End Developer 

Like a Super-Hero, what he does like the most is to track infamous bugs. Always hide in the dark, he tries to make best features to ease the life of "Overblog's citizens". API, Pattern design and good practice are his most powerful weapons to fight against evil.

Dark #Symfony-an, #php jedi, #js ninjutsu lover, #ruby Padawan...

  • Knowledges : HTTP, the Internet and data base
  • What he does like : To succeed on his two attacks on Clash of Clans and win at soccer
  • What he does not like : To loose at Clash of Clans & at soccer

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.


Back-End /Ops Developer 

He participates in the development and maintenance of the OB platform with its acolytes Jeremiah and Damien. He is shouldering Jeremiah in the development of new features. He is shouldering Damien in improving the performance and stability of the OB platform.

He feeds almost exclusively with Burgers and music.

  • Knowledges : development, data base...
  • What he does like : Wikipedia, punk & metal music, drums and to learn news things.
  • What he does not like : Make things without understanding them, spelling mistakes & to be the fool.

A man's got to know his limitations


DBA & SysAdmin 

He deals with the implementation and monitoring of servers required for the Overblog's platform. He guarantees access to bloggers data and ensure their preservation. He is also responsible for monitoring and R&D innovation. 


  • Knowledges : data base, linux, data mining, innovation management.
  • What he does like : hiking, photography, cycling and riding, scripts that "dismantle" servers. 
  • What he does not like : public transport and spelling mistakes.

I solve problems

Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe - Pulp Fiction


Communications Officer 

She keep an eye on everything. Julie also defines the communication strategy of Overblog. Spokeperson of Overblog, she manages relation with bloggers, animates social networks and "Le blog du staff".  She writes newsletters and manage internal and external events. 

  • What she does like : good wine, fresh air in the morning, reading books and to travel.
  • What she does not like : horror movies, foolishness and polluters. 

You must Wait to Have crossed the River before Saying to the crocodile that it has a dirty mouth


Community Manager 

She's in charge of solving bloggers's issues and to be the link between bloggers and Overblog's technical team. She's also responsible of Overblog's social networks, writing articles, do the press relations, organize external or internal events. 

  • What she does like : happiness, to travel, to be independent, creativity and dancing.
  • What she does not like : Rudeness and strawberries. 

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.



Customer Support 

He's in charge of providing assistance for the bloggers. 

  • Knowledges :  Customer support, ITIL, social networks.
  • What he does like : To watch TV series (US/UK), sci-fi, his dogs, his friends and people. 
  • What he does not like : Wine and to be bored.

One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.

Dr Sheldon Cooper


Office Manager 

She's taking care of the good running of the Toulouse office and she's doing administrative tasks. She's looking for the well-being of Overblog's team and she's also the link between all the teams in Toulouse and Webedia Paris. 

  • Knowledges : Office Pack, Ciel software, accounting and the game industry.
  • What she does like : Her little Charly, Black chocolate, marshmallows and a good glass of Chablis. 
  • What she does not like : Melon, to drive in downtown and everything that has more than 4 claws.

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.


Product Owner 

Web passionate, he's thinking about all next features for Overblog's platform. He also describes all the functional specifications for developers' team and he's in perpetual hunt for bugs.

  • Knowledges : UX, webmarketing, SEO and SEA
  • What he does like : His children, snow, snowscoot, biking, to learn new things, UX, to drink cold beers with friends, sunset and mojitos.
  • What he does not like : to star a day without coffee, websites and applications with bas ergonomic, techno, cucumbers, pollution, to be waking up by his children after a party. 

Obstacles are found everywhere, and in overcoming them we nourish ourselves.



He manages the whole activity of Overblog by following budgets and by coordinating different teams. He leads the product's evolution and participates to design UI and also specifications for the developers' team.

  • Knowledges : Project management, team leading, graphical design, communication and strategy. 
  • What he does like : His daughter, to improve the Overblog product, design, user experience, music, cinema, sport and to put on his uniform of volonteer Firefighter. 
  • What he does not like : bugs on Overblog, half-measures, comic sans ms and gloominess.

You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.

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