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A warm welcome to Donna from Mummy Central !

Posted by Matthieu DG on July 11 2013

A warm welcome to Donna from Mummy Central !

Donna is a Scotland based mum of two. She's the Mummy Central 's owner and fabulous writer.

Until recently, she was using another blogging platform then Donna decided to become an OverBlogger.

You want to see a beautiful and friendly parenting site ? - Don't miss a chance to visit Mummy Central - nominated for a MAD award as one of the best mum blog.

We looked at OverBlog and decided you guys had the trustworthy
expertise we needed.


A warm welcome to Donna from Mummy Central !

You are the founder and editor of Mummy Central. Can you please tell us more ?

Mummy Central features topical discussion, reviews, advice and general discussion on parenting issues. Having children is never what you expect it to be, and I've shared some very personal stories on the blog - which has been both therapeutic and resulted in a lot of support from the online community. There are stories about my sons Brodie, 7, and four-year-old Blake, who are a constant source of inspiration (and exasperation!).

In it's first year, the blog was nominated for a MAD Award, which recognises the best mum and dad blogs on the internet. The blog started out as a way of flexing my writing muscles, as a former newspaper journalist who found herself promoted to the post of full-time mum. But it's become a real labour of love.

I suppose you could say MC is my third baby.

What does your family think of Mummy Central?

My father-in-law was the most avid reader when MC started out. He gave me a lot of positive feedback and chuckled at some of the things I wrote. Sadly cancer took him at the end of 2011. My husband reads when he can - but he probably worries what I might have written about him! My kids are proud of "the blog" but they're still too young to read. When they do, I'm sure they'll be proud.

What motivated you to blog and create it?

Mummy Central started out as a way for two stay-at-home mums, my friend Elizabeth Harvey and I, to show off our skills to prospective employers. I'm a freelance journalist and Elizabeth is a web designer. We met when our children attended the same playgroup, and we were on the fundraising committee together. We worked well as a team, so decided to start the blog in February 2011.

In the last year, Elizabeth has moved on to design and build websites for other businesses, leaving Mummy Central to me. For me, the blog has opened up a whole new world as an online writer. So I guess MC hasserved us both well.

Until recently, you were using another blogging platform. What convinced you to move Mummy Central to OverBlog?

Well, to be honest, Elizabeth has always been the technical one, whereas I don't have a clue! I know what I want to do with the blog, but not always how to do it.

Now my friend is busy on other projects, we needed someone we could trust to take over her role, moving Mummy Central forward, improving it and growing the readership.

We looked at OverBlog and decided you guys had the trustworthy expertise we needed.

What do you think about the Social Hub?

I'm yet to see it in action, but I can't wait.

Social media is key to bringing in an audience and making a blog successful, yet when you're trying to write engaging material there's not always the time to devote to plugging your blog on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Something which takes a bit of the work out of it would be most welcome.

What are your future aspirations for Mummy Central?

To take over the world!

Only joking. I'd just like to continue to develop my writing, and hopefully give people good quality, interesting, engaging content they want to read. And I'd like MC to reach a wider audience. I often feel like I'm writing good stuff - but my blog is a small fish in such a large pond that it doesn't get noticed.

Do you have any advice to the ones who are reading us?

Let OverBlog work behind the scenes of your site, leaving you to take centre stage and concentrate on what's most important - content.

Oh, and check out http://www.mummycentral.com - it's a fabulous parenting blog!

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