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Interview of the Month - Jill Gourlay from I Wear My Wages

Posted by Cyrielle on March 20 2017

Dear Overbloggers, We are very pleased to introduce you a new Fashion Blogger : Jill from the blog I Wear My Wages ! She kindly accepted to answer at few questions we asked her. If you want to learn more about her & her blog, just keep reading ! 👇 Hi... Read more...

Generate revenue with your Overblog !

Posted by on August 23 2013

You probably don't know me yet, my name is Philippe. I am revenue manager at OverBlog. I'm glad to launch the new and great OverBlog feature today: Royalty Partnership Program. What is Royalty Partnership Program ? This partnership enables you to generate... Read more...

Breaking News: the OverBlog Reader is available !

Posted by Matthieu & Caroline on July 11 2013

This week, OverBlog refurbish your control panel design and introduce the Reader. A new menu tab Whilst we introduced this new feature, we changed and simplified your dashboard. You can now make the difference between your blog admin (on the left hand... Read more...

The new OverBlog iPhone app is now available !

Posted by OverBlog on July 11 2013

We're glad to launch the best upgrade of the OverBlog iPhone app ! In this Version 2.0, we have redesigned and rebuilt the app. In a nutshell, the new OverBlog app is more powerful, easier to use, reliable and faster. 1. The Reader You can now connect... Read more...

Win one year of Premium membership with Google+ !

Posted by Matthieu DG on July 11 2013

Hi Overbloggers and Google+ users ! We are happy to announce the availability of a new social hub for your OverBlog: Google + ! By aggregating your Google+ account to your blog, all of your public posts will be instantly gathered ! Such as any other social... Read more...

OverBlog Social Hub introduces Instagram videos !

Posted by Matthieu DG on July 11 2013

Instagram introduces videos ! The social media enables you to create and share 15 seconds videos and even introduced some filters to customize your content before sharing. OverBlog Social Hub already updated ! As soon as Instagram informed the world,... Read more...

New theme: Resume

Posted by Benoit on April 30 2013

Hi there! I'm Benoit, and I work on themes at OverBlog. And I have a beard. I'm here to tell you about the Resume theme that is now available on our new OverBlog Kiwi platform. Theme: Resume Resume is a theme designed as a showcase for your digital image,... Read more...

The Android APP for the new version now available!

Posted by OverBlog on April 4 2013

Hi, I'm Ibrahim, and I work on mobile apps at OverBlog. The OverBlog Android app (free) you've all been waiting for is now available on Google Play! This is our first version, and its primary purpose is to make it as easy as possible for "little green... Read more...

New themes "Autofocus" and "Girls gift" now available

Posted by Thierry on April 2 2013

By now you know that I'm the guy who talks about themes for our new OverBlog Kiwi platform. This week, there are two new additions to the themes in your Admin area: Autofocus and Girls Gift. Autofocus Autofocus is a theme with an original grid-style design... Read more...

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