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We Care

Posted by OverBlog on November 7 2012

Dear OverBloggers,

This newsletter can’t be the same as usual, too many things are going on that we cannot just let go.

First, we care.

We care because we now have established our U.S. headquarters in New York City so we are New Yorkers and we want to be able to help with the Sandy relief operations. We’re currently working on getting you curated lists so you get all in one place, as is customary with us. We’ll share those with you in the coming days.

Second, we care.

We heard you. So many of you have emailed or messaged us for a mobile app. It’s now available on the AppStore! Do everything on the go: update, edit, write, share. Perfect timing for you to report live from your election night tonight!

It’s true, we do care. Look out for that list in the coming days, you’ll be able to contribute keeping it up to date and help your fellow citizens in New York and New Jersey.


The OverBlog Team

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